Hands reach out to LIve<sup>4</sup>It

What is Live4It?

The Live4It Program is designed to focus on the often-overlooked elements of lifestyle and environment. Lifestyle and environment can influence more than 70% of our lifespan!




The name Live4It says it all: the “It” is positioned at the end of the phrase because “It” is the end goal. “It” is the prize that makes the lifestyle and environment change worthwhile. The “It” looks different from one individual to the next, as are the changes that each of us is willing to make in order to live a longer, healthier life.

Live4It is for everyone! It’s about what is right for the individual. It’s about what is right for YOU. We also want to lessen and overcome the hurdles that stand between you and your ability to attain your goal of living a longer and healthier life. That’s why Live4It provides resources like competitions, inspirations, social events, outreach opportunities and mental health tools to assist you in making the changes you want – at your pace.

What are you living 4? Answer that question and begin the journey to changing your lifestyle and your environment…If not for you, for “It”.